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likes Samsung ⋅ 1/year cycle rate ⋅ 80.00% conservation ⋅ since 2009 • more insights ↓
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XXDANIELHDXX's timeline story

As I was in 3'rd class I got my first Mobile Phone. One with keys only (yes im not one of them new kids). It was a Siemens Phone, yet one without a Antenna and able to take pictures. Yes, new time guy, that was special once.
A few years later, in 2011 I got my first Android phone.
I totally loved that thing, I cant describe what present I loved so much since.
After that I got the Galaxy S from my Father as he went up to a S3. I can remember having many Roms and lastly staying with Dirty Unicorns and having a 6500 Antutu Score which still should be decent by now.
Then in 2014 I worked 2 weeks in summer holidays to afford my Nexus 5 16GB. I bought it from Amazon for 299.99€. 32GB was just to much, costing 382€. So I went with it and I already prepared a folder of 2-3 Roms and 2 Kernels: flar2's ElementalX and franco.kernel r16 I think or something around that. I already readed about Picture Quality Changing from Stock 4.4 over to 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 and so I took 3 different pictures and compared them afterwards. Then I installed Various Roms, Then Factory Lollipop, then different 5.0 and 5.1/5.1.1 Roms. Then in 2015 I got my Galaxy S3 from my father. Sadly its not mine forever. I will have to say goodbye to it in Automn, cause he planned to gift it to my cousin. I have nothing against it, but it still kind of hurts my heart. It got the big Battery pack by Samsung with the big back cover and I never charged it since I got it. When I got it I unbranded it (Telekom; basically flashing a special unbranding 4.3 Samsung rom from samdownloads) I also straight up flashed BlissPop Nightly and boeffla CM12.1 Alpha4, straight up overclocked it as high as possible (GPU started flickering at 1.7 so went back to 1.64 as it should be daily) with boeffla-Kernel app v2 and set governor to speedmod, applied boeffla tweaks. Got first Antutu straight up in fridge of 32000. Looked like the best result since 2 sites on the benchmark thread

I felt really succeeded in Android.

Later (like a few days lol) I flashed xTraSlim LMY48B on my Nexus 5 and now, not even 1 week later in the night of date 29.05.2015 I backuped important pictures/videos, wiped anything exept internal storage and flashed Android M. It didnt work with the usual .bat so I flashed the .img's my self and got it to work. I can just say today, that I love it. I couldnt love Android M more, exept another kernel, but I will have to wait for that as ElementalX is a Battery hungry beast since last LMY48B updateYes I already am that Geeky with 16.

Thats My Android Story, to be continued (Last Update: 29.05.2015)
XXDANIELHDXX, 29.05.2015, 14:50

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Timeline facts

Brand loyalty
  • XXDANIELHDXX's top choice is Samsung with 4 likes from a total of 4 mobiles.
  • XXDANIELHDXX's most conserved brand is Samsung with a total of 4 owned devices (80% of total phones), XXDANIELHDXX is still owning 3 of those phones (75 % of total Samsung owned mobiles).
  • XXDANIELHDXX also like LG by holding 1 LG devices in timeline (still has 1 of those) .
  • XXDANIELHDXX still has 4 of a total of 5 owned mobiles representing 80.00% of total.
  • XXDANIELHDXX's first device was a Samsung S5230 Star owned in 2009. XXDANIELHDXX still has the cell phone.
Rate of change
  • By average, XXDANIELHDXX changes the cell phones 1 time per year (raw 1.00).
  • In time XXDANIELHDXX got mobile devices from the following brands: Samsung (4), LG (1).
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