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total of 13 phones in timeline
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likes Nokia ⋅ 1/year cycle rate ⋅ 15.38% conservation ⋅ since 2003 • more insights ↓
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@pankan_'s timeline story

Of course, people who have signed up here are obviously serious about the gadgets they use. My story, hence, is probably not gonna be very different from yours. Or is it? It's Symbian that actually got me started, and one fine day Android just took over. I have never owned an iOS, Windows mobile, or Blackberry based device. So you know how much of an Android fanboy I am. That's pretty much my story, or who I am as a geek. Warranty is not my thing. So I keep my devices rooted, from day one. I keep them Xposed, amplified and greenified all the time. I mean, what good would be something if it doesn't last as much as you'd want it to? Yes. Battery life matters, always. So do looks. Hence, Android. Now, and probably *forever. @pankan_, 13.10.2016, 00:22

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Timeline facts

Brand loyalty
  • @pankan_'s top choice is Nokia with 3 likes from a total of 3 mobiles. In the bottom list of preference Sony takes first place with 1 negative dislikes.
  • @pankan_'s most conserved brand is Motorola with a total of 2 owned devices (15% of total phones), @pankan_ is still owning 1 of those phones (50 % of total Motorola owned mobiles).
  • @pankan_ still has 2 of a total of 13 owned mobiles representing 15.38% of total.
  • @pankan_'s first device was a Nokia 3310 owned in 2003. @pankan_ no longer holds his/her first phone.
Rate of change
  • By average, @pankan_ changes the cell phones 1 time per year (raw 1.00).
  • In time @pankan_ got mobile devices from the following brands: Nokia (3), Samsung (3), Motorola (2), OnePlus (2), LG (1), Lenovo (1), Sony (1).
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