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likes Motorola ⋅ 1/2 years cycle rate ⋅ 83.33% conservation ⋅ since 2005 • more insights ↓
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nikitis's timeline story

I started with the Motorola Power Pak SCN4044A. It was a Large Car phone in a leather bag, used on ALLTEL. Best reception and audio voice quality of all phones I've owned to date. Only cost $20 a month, and had the clearest signal even in the middle of no where Nebraska. Used it for years then got a smaller more portable flip phone by Motorola, the DCP 550, used on ALLTEL. Eventually had to give it up because the towers no longer supported it. Got my 2nd flip phone which was much smaller, the Samsung SCH-A620, used on Sprint. Had extendable antennae. Pretty much just like the DCP 550 except it had an LED screen on outside and inside. This eventually took a dive in the pool, and ceased working. I bought an Motorola Razr V3C. Verizon version. Switched to Verizon because Sprint had a terrible coverage. Had unlimited Data plan. (Before Data was a thing to sell, I had the foresight to keep this plan for many years. I started phone hacking with the V3C and replaced the OS, and outside display picture which was not changeable using normal means. Gave me street cred. This was the last of my flip phones. I then heard about Android which had a fullscreen touchscreen operating system. Life changed forever. Been using Android ever since. It was the Motorola OG Droid. Bootloader was unlocked and learned about customizing ROMs. I had this phone run Android 2.0 all the way 5.1.1. (It still runs well). Also has a slider for a keyboard which gave me business cred, and was handy using connectbot SSH tunneling apps without taking up the screen with a software keyboard. Couple of years after that I got an HTC Thunderbolt. Super fast, super responsive. I flashed a developer bootloader so I could run custom roms. This is when phone manufacturers began becoming Nazi's and didn't want you to customize your phone and wanted to put their bloated crap on them. This phone had the worst Battery life ever! Could barely get 8 hours even idle. This was partly due to Android not having battery optimizations yet, but mostly due to HTC design. Custom Roms using custom kernels allowed me to make it a full day on a charge. I got rid of it due to the battery life issues after a couple of years, and got a Samsung Note 2. This was a nice phone, I loved it. It was cheaply built, but it was flat, large screen, and had a stylus inside. First stylus phone I've owned. I had an unlocked bootloader version, but after a year, the radio died on me, and had to get a replacement phone, which came with a locked bootloader. I couldn't take not customizing my phones and hated touchwiz, so I sold it and got the Nexus 5. For the first time I had the full package. This phone did everything right. It was the right size, speed was amazing, battery lasted 1.5 days on a charge, 100% customizable. Bootloader was allowed to be unlocked with support of Google. Probably my best phone I'll ever own. After 3 years of use, (that's right I kept it that long because it was soo good, I didn't feel like I needed a new phone.) the screen cracked when using the touch screen. I had never dropped it, but even with this fail, I still deem it as my best phone ever. It was 3 years old people. I'm now in Limbo waiting on the Google Pixel to arrive at my doorstep. In the meantime I'm using an old iPhone 5 which is one of the worst phones I've ever used. 4 inch screen, heavier than my Note 2, UI is all white, blinding my eyes. Apple Walled garden. Just a totally aweful experience. You can't even access the filesystem for God's sakes. Something that was accomplished with my Motorola Razr V3C using Bitpim years ago. I mean WTF apple? I will soon have the Pixel and life will be good again, unless this phone ends up being terrible, but I do not think it will. It has the highest camera score on a phone to date. 83 DXO Points. nikitis, 13.10.2016, 23:00

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Timeline facts

Brand loyalty
  • nikitis's top choice is Motorola with 2 likes from a total of 2 mobiles. In the bottom list of preference Apple takes first place with 1 negative dislikes.
  • nikitis's most conserved brand is Motorola with a total of 2 owned devices (33% of total phones), nikitis is still owning 2 of those phones (100 % of total Motorola owned mobiles).
  • nikitis also like HTC by holding 1 HTC devices in timeline (still has 1 of those) .
  • nikitis still has 5 of a total of 6 owned mobiles representing 83.33% of total.
  • nikitis's first device was a Motorola RAZR V3c owned in 2005. nikitis still has the cell phone.
Rate of change
  • By average, nikitis changes the cell phones 1 time per 2 years (raw 0.55).
  • In time nikitis got mobile devices from the following brands: Motorola (2), HTC (1), Samsung (1), LG (1), Apple (1).
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