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Creating a complete cell phones timeline

This page has to be redesigned. No, really.
This is a little guide on how you should do to have a nice complete timeline and also to help for better overall statistics.


Mowned is quite simple to use. You can create your mobile phone history very easy. It would be interesting to see your owned mobiles history from the first cell phone to the last one. The evolution of your own cell phones. The problem you may have is remembering all the information. You will have to go into brainstorm mode.

Firstly you need to click on the login button found on the top right corner. You can chose between fast-login with Facebook or you can create a new account using an e-mail. We recommend Facebook because of ease of connect. If you've connected once, when you're comming back to Mowned you just have to click the "Login with facebook" and you'll be redirected to your dashboard.

Once logged in you can go back anytime to your showcase by clicking your name from the section where the login box was.

This will be a general guide for creating complete timelines that will give you a neat showcase and Mowned's users better overall statistics. Make sure you check About/FAQ page too.

Timelines examples

You may check some examples of good Showcases before starting.

Adding your cell phones to your timeline

1. Connect or Login with Mowned

Once you've connected to Mowned, you will be redirected to your mobile devices dashboard.

2. Start adding your owned mobile phone by clicking the "+"
Insert new phone
3. Complete the form. Start with your phone name
Adding new mobile device

If you still use the device as MAIN PHONE leave the "Year to" field to blank (or set it to 0).

4. Press "Add". For adding other owned phones repeat steps 2-4.
Cell phone complete data

Improving your showcase/timeline

The previous steps were for a basic showcase. But maybe you would like to rate your devices, or maybe you want to share your mobile addiction story. Or you simply want to view how "Timeline facts" feature generate insights for you.
1. Always rate your phones as you think

Put your mouse cursor over a cell phone and click on Like :) or :( (dislike) for rating. Good phones in your eyes will take a like, bad cellular phones a dislike.

2. Complete the owning years (from & to)

Nokia 3310 owned by users by year

1996 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

By completing accurate owned years you get interesting insight at a glance on your public showcase and you help at general Mowned statistics.
For example how often do you change your cell phones or the year when you got your first mobile device.

likes Nokia • 1/year cycle rate • 26.67% conservation • since 1997 • more insights ↓
The Nokia 3310 acquisitions history is just an example here. For actual data go to Nokia 3310 page.
3. Mark still owned devices

If you're still owning a mobile device then show it by checking "Still own this device?" option. A nice information to have for showing your phones conservation in time and brand royalty.

4. You can always update your data
_/ x
With blue button you edit a cell phone data (years, still own). With the red one you delete the cell phone from your timeline.
5. Add your timeline story

Want to share your mobile passion in words? Remembering about different phones that matched with something in your life. Nostalgia..

6. Add short review for your phones

You attached to each of your devices. You hated this, you loved that. Share your opinion with all. If you have an alias set, the reviews and rates will appear on each specific device page automatically.

7. Set your showcase alias

By setting an alias your timeline will become public and you can share it across the Web. This operation is required if you want to create your forum signature.

8. Your Timeline facts

If you have a complete timeline, some fun Timeline facts appears in your public showcase. An example below:

  • UserX's top choice is Nokia with 4 likes from a total of 4 mobiles. In the bottom list of preference BlackBerry takes first place with 1 negative dislikes.
  • UserX's most conserved brand is Apple with a total of 2 owned devices (13% of total phones), UserX is still owning 2 of those phones (100% of total Apple owned mobiles).
  • UserX also like Ericsson by holding 4 Ericsson devices in timeline (still has 1 of those).
  • By average, UserX changes the cell phones 1 time per year (raw 1.00).
  • UserX still has 4 of a total of 15 owned mobiles representing 26.67% of total.
  • UserX's first device was a NEC G9D+ owned in 1997. UserX no longer holds his/her first phone.
  • In time UserX got mobile devices from the following brands: Ericsson (4), Nokia (4), Sony Ericsson (3), Apple (2), NEC (1), BlackBerry (1).

How to create your own cell phones timeline signature image

You can generate your own timeline signature image of used mobile devices. The signature will automatically resize by width. The more phones you add the larger it will be. Maximum size of signature is 618x80 pixels (Standard and Extended. Smart has maximum of 686x97px). The signature can show up to last 14 owned phones. You need to own at least 2 phones to be able to use the signature.

The cell phones timeline signature can be used in forums, sites and so on. If you generated a timeline signature and you "Like via Facebook" your own public showcase, the picture of owned cell phones should appear on your Facebook activity/wall.

At the moment the signature comes in 3 formats, in the future new format(s) may appear. The year of the phones you're still owning will be in black, otherwise in silver.
Wouldn't be cool that your forum signature to reflect somehow the phones you like/dislike too? Well just rate your phones and check our tweets from time to time for being updated with latest news.

Note that if you added new phones to your timeline and want an update for your forum signature please tweet @mowned_com (or Contact or message via Facebook) with your alias.

1. Make sure you've completed all your phones information

All your phones are there? The years are there? Have you checked the phones that you still got? Then you are ready for the next step.

2. From your showcase (/me) click "Activate image signature"

At the bottom of your dashboard you have a section named "Timeline signature". Click Activate image signature

3. Your forum signature will be generated immediately

Mowned example forum signature of cell phones timeline

4. Embedding codes will appear

You can chose the first one if you want to link to your showcase thus the users can view more information about your phones.
Keep in mind that signature image is limited to your last 14 owned mobile devices. All your owned phones will appear in your public cellphones timeline.

Click on desired input to get the code. Copy it then paste it into signature section (basically found in Profile > Signature) from your favorite forum.

5. Forum signature formats

You can chose from different signature formats. See examples on the forum signatures page.

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