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a way to show off your mobiles timeline

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Welcome to mowned, the mobile devices statistics portal of user's cell phones timelines around the world.

Reviews & phones containers in different colors?

As you may seen, the reviews and phone containers are in different colors based on the current rate of respective owner.

What is Mowned?

Mowned's aim is to provide an user-centric statistical approach, device-centric statistics and, on large scale, aggregated mobile phones statistics.
The project is in evolving stage, more may come in near future. For example: most appreciated phones, most criticied phones, most owned, profile picture. Depends on how many contribute with showcases and phone ratings.. just rate phones freely! But that's not all.. Mowned project like to become, in time, a community-driven cellphones S&I (stats & information) portal.

You and Mowned


Are you ready?

You will have to enter in brainstorm mode when you start your showcase. There are many years to recall :)

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If you need more information on how to use Mowned you may read How to create complete cell phones timeline.

Thank you for your visit, hope you enjoy the service and spread the word.


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