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Mobile devices timelines

a portal for internet users excited about cell phones and portables

It's about your own phones history and cell phones statistics.

This is Mowned, the owned mobile devices timelines and cell phones statistics portal. The place where you can create your very own cell phones timeline showcase, your personal mobile phones history.
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Your personal mobile phones history.

Your personal cell phones history. But wait, there's more
  • You can keep track of what cell phones you've owned in time.
  • You can share your story of your mobile passion for each phone.
  • You can generate forum image signature based of your timeline, with one click.
  • You can help building interesting statistics, such as Phone of The Year, Most Rated, etc.

Create your very own cell phones signature.

You can generate your own mobile devices signature image for using in your site or blog, forums and so on.
Mowned example forum signature of cell phones timeline
See more forum signature formats.

Cell phones statistics.

You can view interesting stats based of users showcases.

Create your own cell phones timeline today!

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Check out About/FAQ and How to create complete cell phones timeline for further information.

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Discover hot mobile devices

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What's new on Mowned Community

Top owned mobile devices on Mowned

A list of most owned cell phones aka Mowned's popular mobiles. Extracted from users timelines.

Latest cell phones timelines

Latest 15 users cell phones timelines created recently.
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You can read stories that have been recently added by users in their timelines.
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